General Engineering & Fabrication

We have the expertise to handle the job

We believe TMF Engineering should be the first choice for all potential clients when it comes to high quality general engineering and fabrication, and welding stainless steel.

We specialise in general engineering and jobbing, ranging from the smallest of jobs, right through to the large projects. We are able to weld all types and grades of steels, and specialise in Aluminium fabrication. Large or small, job size is no barrier.

All the components we use are the finest and we offer unparalleled customer service. Our products meet the highest standards and we never settle for less when it comes to quality. Our employees are highly skilled and our team uses up-to-date machinery. Our services include general engineering, general fabrication, aluminium fabrication, welding cast iron, welding stainless steel and aluminium welding.

Finding the right engineering solutions for you!

The TMF Engineering team are dedicated to assisting all our clients with up front honest advice, to produce the best performing and most cost effective solutions for their needs.